Skärmavbild 2020-02-15 kl. 16.29.49


Bubblegum pink💖 Using @schwarzkopfpro @olaplex #HairByJValentino
CURLY CUT✂️ SWIPE👈🏽 to see the hair before💛 Styled using @authenticbeautyconcept Replenish balm and shaping cream🌱 What do you think? #HairByJValentino
GINGER BABE🔥Using all #Igoraroyal for this copper color! SWIPE👈🏽 to see the before picture💛 What do you think?😍#HairByJValentino
BLUSH HAIR🎀 SWIPE👈🏽 to see the before picture! Using @schwarzkopfpro #Blondme in the color strawberry + ice mixed with a little pink from #Colorworx with 2% developer. What do you think?😍 #HairByJValentino
REVERSE BALAYAGE▪️ My client was tired of the roots she got as a platinum blonde so we decided to switch it up! What do you think?😍 #HairByJValentino
COPPER🧡 Using #IgoraRoyal 8-77 & 9-0 for the roots and 8-77, 9-7 & 9-55 for the ends to get a smooth ombré effect✨ Love my @ysparksweden pride comb😍 #HairByJValentino
Everyone has been getting lowlights lately and I’m here for it!🙌🏽 SWIPE👈🏽 to see the before picture. Using all @schwarzkopfpro ✨ What do you think?💖 #HairByJValentino
Effortless🌱 Styled using @authenticbeautyconcept #HairByJValentino
Todays model at @hairtalkextensions course💎 Colors used: 613, 8, 23/6, 23 40 cm hair⭐️ #HairByJValentino
Curly balayage🤤 SWIPE👈🏽 to see the hair before! Lightened the hair using @schwarzkopfpro #BlondMeClay with 20/30 vol. Toned using #Morevibrance 9,5-4 9,5-49 with 6 vol gel developer💥 #HairByJValentino